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Tips For Putting Up Epoxy Countertops Epoxy counter tops are an excellent alternative for any person that wants to provide their kitchen a new look, or who requires to refinish their existing counters. They are likewise an economical as well as low-maintenance method to add worth to your residence. They come in numerous colors and designs, giving you a huge quantity of choices to develop the look that you want for your cooking area. They additionally supply high resilience and also are very easy to clean, so you do not need to invest hours rubbing them weekly. Yet they can be expensive, so it is very important to understand what you’re getting into before you start your project. If you’re intending to do it on your own, right here are some pointers for making the procedure less complicated and also less difficult: See to it your kitchen counter is tidy and completely dry. You should sweep away any dust or grime from the surface area and also stay clear of touching it as much as feasible, since you’ll be using epoxy resin over it. 2. Prepare Your Materials– You’ll require a couple of devices to deal with the epoxy, consisting of a blending container and also an applicator tool or trowel. You can discover these at your local hardware shop. The epoxy material takes a while to treat, so you’ll need to wait for it to set prior to you can use your brand-new counters. This can be approximately 1 day, and it can take a couple of days before you’re ready for heavy use. 4. Stop Over Torching– The epoxy can be extremely hot, so it is essential to be mindful and also not to overheat the counter or overexpose your hands to it. The very best way to avoid over torching is by placing your lantern a few inches away from the surface area and making use of a piece of fabric or paper towel underneath it. 5. Prepare Your Area– You’ll require a job surface and devices to put the epoxy, so you ought to set these up ahead of time. This will make sure that you don’t have to run to and fro to get something when the time comes. 6. Maintain Your Work Area Dry– After the epoxy has treated, you’ll have to be careful not to let it leak onto your cupboards or flooring. This is specifically vital if you have children or pet dogs in the residence. 7. Apply a Polyurethane Complete– When the epoxy is entirely treated, you’ll need to apply a layer of polyurethane over it to shield the epoxy from scratching as well as staining. This will give a shiny, stunning surface that will certainly last for several years to come. 8. Consider Adding Texture– After the epoxy is treated, you can mix in different attractive aspects like glitter, rocks, or various other kinds of objects to make your kitchen counter stick out from the remainder. These can include an additional element of beauty to the counters as well as can be an enjoyable project for you as well as your children.
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